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Someday Soon…

I was reading this thread on Reddit about a 46 year old man who feels he has wasted his life and never pursued his dreams… his post and the many replies inspired me to write this;

‘Someday Soon…

When I was in my teens I thought, someday I’m just gonna take off and back-pack around South America or New Zealand or Thailand… yeah that will be amazing! I’m going to disappear for several months, see something of the world… someday soon, right after I finish college- I’m going to do it! Luke and Martin are going to Thailand this summer, in fact they’ve asked me to go with them, so I think I will!

But there are some qualifications I still need to get, so I should spend my evenings and weekends studying, I could do with taking some extra classes this summer so I get the best grades. I don’t really think I have the time to travel this year, plus I am skint- I can’t afford to travel right now. I should get a summer job, try to pay down my student loan and overdraft. Never mind, I’ll go back packing someday… when I have finished my studies and have some money behind me. There’s plenty of time… I’ve got my whole life ahead of me.

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My Eat Pray Love Moment in Naples

NaplesI read a LOT of travel blogs, and have noticed that ‘Eat pizza in Naples’ seems to feature extensively on peoples’ adventure bucket lists, presumably inspired by the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and the movie of the same name starring Julia Roberts.

Always much better at eating than either praying or loving, I have actually unintentionally crossed this little adventure off during an Italian holiday. Italy is, of course, pizza heaven, and what better place to eat pizza than Naples, the birthplace of the margherita pizza?

My friend and I took the opportunity to indulge when our tour stopped in Naples and we headed to Brandi’s, on Salita S. Anna di Palazzo, just a few minutes away from The Piazza Plebiscito.

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