AdventureSo what’s stopping you from putting more adventure into your life? If you are getting out there having adventure after crazy adventure then you don‘t need to read this post, but chances are you are not. Don’t you find that the weeks and months just fly by (I’m convinced the years are actually getting shorter!) and before you know it another precious, irreplaceable year of your life has gone forever, leaving you wondering just where it went and realising that you actually did very few of the things you intended to achieve.

Depressing isn’t it?

Look, I’m not judging anyone- this happens to me as well- I am not just writing these posts for you, you know!! We would all like to have lots more adventures and to experience far more than we do- but somehow we never seem to get around to it and end up doing the same old stuff day in and day out… whole days and weeks get lost in the minutiae of every day living and working.

Asking around people I know, it appears that one of the main blocks to a truly adventurous life is time- or rather the lack of it. I fully understand this- we are so very busy nowadays and there are so many pressures on our time. A lot of us work full time jobs and often put in extra hours or have long commutes, which leave us with little energy to do more than flop down in front of the television until it’s time to heave our weary bodies to bed. Others have a family to care for, and their days are taken up with school runs and playing catch up trying to get chores done before it’s time to pick the kids up again.

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