DublinSo in my last post I told you that I had booked myself a mini-adventure trip to Dublin for a couple of nights. This was definitely something that was right out of my comfort zone… so many times I could have so easily talked myself out of going… I haven’t done a huge amount of solo travel and it is still rather daunting. As I was dashing around buying Euros and delivering a key to my friend so she could feed my cats all I could think about were loads of reasons why I shouldn’t go.

But I got my arse on that plane and just over 45 minutes later we were landing at Dublin Airport, where I found myself waiting for a bus into the city which never turned up. Luckily the next one arrived and disgorged me just round the corner from my lodgings, the Sky Backers Hostel. I had chosen a female only dorm and, as it was 11:30pm, I tried to find an empty bed and undress as quietly and quickly as possible given that I could see sleeping bodies in at least two of the other beds. I cursed myself for forgetting my ear plugs when the occupants of the dorm on the floor above us returned at 3:30am and decided to dance a reel in clogs whilst dragging furniture around and shouting (well that’s what it sounded like!)

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