CornwallIf you are anything like me (and I imagine you are or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog!) then you will have a yearning to inject some adventure into your life. When people think of adventure though, they have a tendency to conjure up images of epic trips slashing their way through jungle and climbing gigantic mountains.

Whilst many of us would love to be able to take off and complete a long and exciting trip somewhere far flung, realistically we don’t always have the time and funds at our disposal- so we too often make the mistake of doing nothing!

I have been guilty of this too. I love the idea of completing long treks, climbing mountains or completing ultra races abroad, and would dearly love to have another crack at the Marathon des Sables. However I just can’t afford it at the moment, and have a very elderly cat that I don’t want to leave for weeks on end.

So I thought that I could either mope around and do very little or plan a mini expedition to satisfy those adventure cravings.

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