York 10kA runner friend and I were looking at a local 10k race we could do to give us something to train for, and she sent me a link she found to a series of events happening this summer- the Jane Tomlinson Run For All series. One of the events was a 10k race in Nottingham, which we both initially thought we’d do, but after giving it some thought we decided to forego this for a race in a different city- and have a weekend away to explore it.

We settled on the Jane Tomlinson 10k in York- a fine old city with lots to see and loads of history. I have run around parts of Nottingham lots of times so it was a great opportunity to run somewhere new…

We drove up to York on Saturday, to discover that it would cost us more for the parking than for lunch! York was packed- I guess it was the combination of decent weather, a few events happening and school holidays. After a lunch of fish and chips it was time to explore and shop- we took in the Shambles and the Minster, looked round unique little gift shops (including a shop selling all things cat related!), walked along the walls and found the ruins of an abbey which neither of us knew existed.

York 10k

We were staying at the Premier Inn, which was only a few minutes walk from the start of the race at York Racecourse. After a rather mediocre meal in the pub opposite I started my race preparation… which sadly consisted of three glasses of wine and a bed time of 2am… well, it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Somewhat bleary eyed we made our way to the start Sunday morning, where my friend took up her role as official supporter and photographer as she is sadly laid up from a knee injury. It is a huge event- there must have been at least 7,000 runners, and although I immediately joined the queue for the portaloos it was almost time for the race to start by the time I actually got to use them.

York Minster

York Minster

I decided to start well towards the back with the 1 hour 15 minute runners, where I chatted nervously with a couple of other ladies. Then it was time… it took about ten minutes to cross the start line as we all shuffled forward in something reminiscent of a death march…

Then suddenly we were running through the streets of York towards the city centre. I found myself overtaking people, although the route was surprisingly hilly. A fair few folks had turned out to cheer us, which was great, as we ran under historic city gates and past the Minster. Running along the cobbled streets was interesting, and I was delighted to finish in 1 hour 10 minutes and 6 seconds… nowhere near my PB which I set when I was considerably fitter, but better then I anticipated.

Me at the finish!!

Me at the finish!!

After all that exertion it was time for a little retail therapy before travelling home- oh yes, we have both entered next year’s race already!!

It was an adventure away from home which we wouldn’t have had if we had stuck to familiar Nottingham. If there’s anything you are considering doing, can you do it somewhere different and unfamiliar?

Planning on entering a local run, Race for Life, Moonwalk etc? Why not go beyond local and sign up for one in a different city and making a weekend away of it? Even doing your shopping in a city or town you don’t usually visit gives you the chance to explore somewhere a little different.

Get away from your own backyard and have an adventure somewhere else!

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