Marathon des SablesHi there- I would love to give you a huge welcome to my blog.

Before we begin I have to confess that I am a bit of an unlikely candidate for pursuing an adventurous life! For starters, I’m in my mid 40s and was never what you would call an adventurous child, being something of a wuss and lacking basic co-ordination skills. Our family holidays were generally spent in Cleethorpes (my Nan had a caravan there) or Somerset (we had relatives there), although I do remember my parents taking us on a pony trekking holiday in Wales once, which was awesome. I never did take my Duke of Edinburgh award at school, and didn’t even take a year out to go back packing. My trips abroad were limited to family package holidays… you know the sort of thing- days spent lazing by the pool with a book or on the beach trying to top up the tan…

This all changed when I was 24 and a friend persuaded me to take part in a sponsored walk up Ben Nevis- the highest mountain in England, Scotland and Wales. As I stood, freezing and exhausted at the summit, taking in the rather uninspiring view of cloud, cloud and yet more cloud, I decided then and there that I would continue to pursue adventure and would never again be content with a regular beach holiday. I took a trip to Malta with a friend later that year, hiring a battered old jeep to explore the island, and was hooked on the idea that life could be a little more adventurous!
I have had a fair few adventures since then, both abroad and much closer to home. I’ve trekked an extended version of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, flown in a hot air balloon, raced across the Sahara desert and wandered through ancient Greek and Roman ruins.


However there have not been nearly as many adventures as I would have liked- two little things have got in the way of my aspiring adventuring- time and money! I suspect most people also have these same two little problems.

I am still short of both but have decided not to let this hold me back and neither should you… join me as I figure out how to pursue my passion for adventure whilst holding down a job and suffering a lack of surplus income. My aim is to give you the inspiration- and practical advice- you need to pursue your own adventures through sharing mine with you.

Because this blog isn’t just about me pursuing my own adventures… I believe that everyone should live more adventurously and pursue adventure whenever they can. In this world of 9-5 work, frustrating commutes stuck in traffic, endless hours of television, face book, twitter, computer games and package holidays spent laying on the beach, we tend to miss out on some of those wonderful experiences that make life so enjoyable. We just don’t have the time for adventure anymore and that’s so sad. Life tends to pass by us without us really realising. Have you noticed the years seem to go by faster and faster as you get older?


So my mission is to get people pursuing adventure again… to live their lives adventurously and experience all this amazing planet has to offer. To reclaim that child-like sense of wonder. This doesn’t necessarily mean backpacking around Europe for several months- there are plenty of worthwhile adventures you can have in your spare time near your own home. I’ll show you how and provide you with the motivation.

Time’s a’ wasting… so let’s go!

Steph- Adventurer in Residence

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