Adventure in your own back yardDon’t forget to pursue the adventure in your own back yard!

Sometimes we get so caught up with the thought of going off in pursuit of adventure that we completely overlook our own back yard- the town or city where we live. We tend to  think that having an adventure only means something if we are doing something crazy like bungee jumping or going on a long trip to some far flung corner of the globe.

But we would be wrong.

Yes, trekking across the steppes of Outer Mongolia or throwing yourself off a perfectly good bridge with a piece of elastic strapped to your ankles is a great adventure (okay I‘m not entirely convinced about the bungee jumping), but adventure isn’t just about the grand, epic, expensive things you do in life. It’s about doing anything out of the ordinary or putting yourself in any new situation.

I’ll bet you are so familiar with the area you live that you just take it for granted- but I’ll also bet that it has some attractions that people travel for miles to see, experience or do but you’ve never really noticed or explored before.

For example I live in Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands region of England. Nottingham is well known for its connections with legendary outlaw Robin Hood and thousands of visitors descend here each year to see such attractions as Nottingham Castle, the City of Caves, and historic pubs such as the gloriously named Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem.

Adventure in your own back yardBut have I ever actually seen any of these? No. At least, not until recently.

I can’t go on all of the trips across the globe I’d like due to lack of finances but I can go and explore my own ‘back yard’… so over the next few months I intend to be a tourist in my own area and discover what adventures it has to offer me.

So… how about joining me and taking time out to explore where you live? What adventures can you pursue in your own back yard?


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