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My Next Adventure- Walking Across England!

I have felt rather jaded recently and decided that it was high time for another adventure. I have had a challenge I have wanted to do which has been lingering on my bucket list for far too many years so decided that it was high time I went for it.

In four day’s time I set out to walk the Coast to Coast across England. Despite being such a popular long distance route, the Coast to Coast is not a National Trail- it was devised by master fell walker and writer/ illustrator Alfred Wainwright, who first conceived the idea of a walk across England linking three National Parks- the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

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What does adventure mean for you?


The very word stirs the soul and makes us long to get out there and do something epic and amazing.

But what does adventure mean to you? People are wonderfully diverse so what adventure may mean to one person may be entirely different to what means for somebody else.

For example, for one person the word adventure may mean walking the length of the Nile, or thrashing their way across a remote country for weeks on end, whereas for another person it may mean taking a solo trip to the next town. For some people having an adventure may mean overcoming or working with an illness or disability and a short trip would be as epic and meaningful to them as the most extreme trek to a hardened explorer.

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Hold onto your hats- it’s 2017!!!

I know I probably keep saying this but I can’t believe it’s 2017 already- it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was planning 2016!!

There’s something about the start of a shiny brand new year that inspires people to take stock and question if their life is going in the direction they want. This includes me and I have been doing some thinking about how 2016 panned out.

Some of the adventures I had in 2016 include;

Time to ‘Tri’ Something New!

east-leake-tri-sept-2016-167-zf-3393-42864-1-001Is there anything you’ve always been fascinated by and wanted to have a go at? For me it was triathlon… you know, those crazy sounding events that involve a swim, followed by a cycle ride, followed by a run. The thought of doing a triathlon had intrigued me for a good few years- the sheer endurance involved with doing not one, not two but three different sports- one after the other. I wondered what it would be like to try a ‘Tri’… and, more importantly, if I could ever do it.

At the time I had no bike and had only swum doggy paddle for years, so the triathlon idea got put firmly on the back boiler. Fast forward a few years and my sister and brother-in-law kindly bought me a straight handlebar road bike, plus I recently started swimming lessons, mainly to keep my friend company as we usually walk together but she hurt her knee earlier this year.

As I started to master the correct swimming strokes, the triathlon idea started to raise its head again… well okay what actually happened was that I have entered the Outlaw Half Triathlon next May. This is half Iron Man distance- 1.2 mile open water swim and a 56 mile bike ride, all topped off with a half marathon (13.1mile) run… for someone who can manage several lengths of a very slow front crawl and doesn’t feel confident cycling in traffic- or stopping and starting…


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A running adventure somewhere new…

York 10kA runner friend and I were looking at a local 10k race we could do to give us something to train for, and she sent me a link she found to a series of events happening this summer- the Jane Tomlinson Run For All series. One of the events was a 10k race in Nottingham, which we both initially thought we’d do, but after giving it some thought we decided to forego this for a race in a different city- and have a weekend away to explore it.

We settled on the Jane Tomlinson 10k in York- a fine old city with lots to see and loads of history. I have run around parts of Nottingham lots of times so it was a great opportunity to run somewhere new…

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How to find adventure on a cruise…

BritanniaFor adventurous minded independent souls, the idea of going on a cruise may be anathema; let’s face it, a cruise kind of conjures up images of folks loading up piling plates of food at the 24 hour buffet before collapsing on a deck chair by the pool for hours to top up that tan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, if that’s the type of holiday you enjoy- it’s just that you know what you’re getting with a cruise- if you choose, you can be cosseted and completely looked after for the duration of your holiday. It’s nice and safe, but the opportunities for adventure are not there…

… or are they? I recently went on a cruise for my Mum’s 70th birthday; okay we were going to the Norwegian Fjords, which was still an adventure as it was somewhere new, but I still wondered how much opportunity I would get to explore. Quite a lot as it turned out!

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A Cornish Mini Adventure

Cornish adventureIt has been a couple of weeks since our mini Cornish Challenge adventure- so how did it go? Well, we did it- we completed our objective of walking over 80 miles in four days (in fact, we completed 88 miles). Was it easy? No! Did we learn anything? You betch’ya- that’s the great thing about adventures, big or small…

Our first day was a quite ambitious one; from Carbis Bay to the Youth Hostel near St Just. We were faced with a 22 mile trek, and had underestimated the amount of time it would take us to negotiate the undulating, rock strewn path carrying our heavy packs.

Initially the South West Coast Path took us into St Ives on easy tracks, where we purchased a Cornish pasty each for lunch. However it soon became increasingly apparent why the guide books warn that this was the most challenging section of the whole of the Coast Path- it felt as though we were actually scrambling in places, and our progress was often tortoise-like, impeded by our packs.

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A Mini Adventure in Dublin

DublinSo in my last post I told you that I had booked myself a mini-adventure trip to Dublin for a couple of nights. This was definitely something that was right out of my comfort zone… so many times I could have so easily talked myself out of going… I haven’t done a huge amount of solo travel and it is still rather daunting. As I was dashing around buying Euros and delivering a key to my friend so she could feed my cats all I could think about were loads of reasons why I shouldn’t go.

But I got my arse on that plane and just over 45 minutes later we were landing at Dublin Airport, where I found myself waiting for a bus into the city which never turned up. Luckily the next one arrived and disgorged me just round the corner from my lodgings, the Sky Backers Hostel. I had chosen a female only dorm and, as it was 11:30pm, I tried to find an empty bed and undress as quietly and quickly as possible given that I could see sleeping bodies in at least two of the other beds. I cursed myself for forgetting my ear plugs when the occupants of the dorm on the floor above us returned at 3:30am and decided to dance a reel in clogs whilst dragging furniture around and shouting (well that’s what it sounded like!)

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FearA great way to inject more adventure into your life is to be more spontaneous… just book a trip and go! We all know this as a fact, but actually doing it is a totally different thing… we are all busy, have family who rely on us, commitments, bills, blah de blah and so we can’t possibly go anywhere right now…

I feel your pain as this was me too- until I recently received a welcome kick up the butt from a close friend who was obviously fed up with me moaning about all the epic trips I wanted to take and not being able to afford them…

I was having my usual cup of coffee in bed and browsing Facebook, as you do, when I noticed that she had sent me a private message. Intrigued, I opened it up to find the picture at the top of this post.

It is from the ‘woman on a motorcycle’ page- ‘Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen’, accompanied by an inspiring shot of a touring motorcycle with the whole open road ahead.

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2015- An Adventure Review

Writing a listShocking to think that 20 days of the New Year have zipped by already! At the start of each new year I like to look back over all the adventures I had the year before and list them out. Writing them down lets me see just how many adventures I achieved, and without this visual reminder chances are that I wouldn’t remember them all.

Seeing how much I achieved last year always fires me up with inspiration to achieve even more this year. So without further ado and better late then never, here is my list of adventures I achieved in 2015…

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