Sometimes we don’t need to experience a big trip or go to some far-flung destination to find that sense of discovery and adventure. Sometimes you can even find it in your back yard.

After a day of near continual rain I was feeling stir-crazy and had to get out for a walk even though it was still showering intermittently. I picked a short route from my house; up a country lane to the next village and back along the canal.

Because I wasn’t going far I decided to take the time to be present and to really savour my walk. I smelt the rich, earthy smell of the fields after the rain, felt the rain drops cool against my skin, saw little fluffy grey cygnets on the canal and heard the drone of the aircraft flying over head from the small nearby airfield. As I walked, my senses felt full and I finished with a sense of wonder and a deep appreciation for nature.

Where can you walk to if you step out of your door right now? It might be a country park or a city street. Just stay in the present moment- if you find yourself wondering what’s for tea later or worrying about that phone call you forgot to make earlier just stop, absorb some nature and feel where you are right now. You have no worries in the present moment. Just be, and engage your senses… what can you see, hear, smell, touch, feel?

I guarantee you will come away with a sense of appreciation for your environment discovering things you never noticed.

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