I know I probably keep saying this but I can’t believe it’s 2017 already- it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was planning 2016!!

There’s something about the start of a shiny brand new year that inspires people to take stock and question if their life is going in the direction they want. This includes me and I have been doing some thinking about how 2016 panned out.

Some of the adventures I had in 2016 include;

All of this was great fun. I travelled on my own to a couple of cities which really boosted my confidence for solo travel. I had some great laughs with friends. Unfortunately as always cost is a deciding factor- if money was not an issue I would be able to pay to go on the most amazing trips and ultras, but sadly my adventures need to be done on a much smaller and cheaper scale.

But I can’t use this as an excuse to not seek adventure- I fully intend to have many more adventures in 2017! Planned so far are various long walks, a half Iron Man distance triathlon (eek!), a solo walk along the 190 mile Coast to Coast walk across England and a trip to rural France with a friend. I am sure there will be others as Mum wants me to take a city break with her this Spring.

So for 2017 I will commit to always saying ‘yes’ to the adventure and cramming as much into my life as possible!

What adventures did you have in 2016- and what adventures are you planning for 2017?

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